Why Do We Use the $ in NY ranger$?

Why do we use the “$” when describing the NY ranger$?  Click HERE

A bit of history about this site.  It was started in Feb 2002.  As Islander fans, we are sick and tired of the continuing antics of the NY Rangers.  At the time the rag$ signed Theo Fleury.  Through efforts here at NYRangersSuck.com, we were able to spotlight his actions on and off the ice.  He kinda snapped on the ice on several occasions and is now selling stucco in western Canada somewhere.

The ranger$ seem to attract players that always do crazy, illegal, immoral things & bring storied pasts to their team.

With the arrival of Theo to The Blue$kirts, This site started as www.crackheadtheo.com and the reknowned page, “CrackHen theo Dance”, which attracted tens of thousands of fans.  The dance was a parody of Theo’s actions on the ice of flapping his arms like a chicken.  The irony of this is that the Chicken Dance song has been long used as a rally cry for Islander fans at the coliseum.  New York Rangers Suck members have taken credit for antagonizing him on the ice which led to NY Islander’s success at the time.

In the past, we have seen the Islanders organization ban the chicken dance song.  Through outcry from members of NYRS, The Chicken Dance Song made a glorious return.

Visit our new Sean Avery & Brad Richards page.

What are we to make of this video?  Now that Ricky and Al are team mates?

Check out the continually growing NYRS’s sister website Welcome to The Buffalo Sabres Suck Maxi-Pad.  We would like to welcome the folks from http://www.wehateyourteam.com and Shrimp & Fag-Man from WEDG out of Buffalo.  Some years ago, when the Islanders made the playoffs, we had a good taunting fest between us and the guys in Buffalo.

These two pictures pretty well sum up the life of an Islanders fan of late. Having the Arena plan shot down by the NIMBYs and another year with no playoffs:


Some of this website will piss you off.  hopefully, most will make you laugh.  After all this is supposed to be a game and we should be having some fun.  this is supposed to be parody to promote the greatest rivalry in all of sports.  if you are a ny rag$ fan that doesnt understand some of the small words, i will make sure to type slowly.

The one thing that we have found over the years is that all fan websites always end up being “PC” because they always have an agenda to fulfill or trying to kiss someone’s butt in order to promote said agenda. 

This, ny rag$ haters, is a “PC” free zone.

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