Crackhead Theo “Cause I Got High”


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What has Theo not been able to accomplish since he has got high? Email us your suggestions.

Please put ‘Cause I got high’ in the subject. Don’t forget to put who you want acknowledged.


•I wouldn’t of checked Adam deadmarsh, but I get high

•I wouldn’t have yapped to the refs, but I get high

•I wouldn’t of checked Peter Worrel in the back of the head, but I get high

•I wouldn’t of messed up my marriage, but I get high

•I wouldn’t of threatened to retire, because I REALLY get high

•I want to still play in the NHL for a couple of more seasons, so I will try
to get Colin Campbell and Gary Bettman high………….

-Thanks to NYI27 for these submissions

•i wouldn’t need to wear a tinted visor, but i got HIGH
•i would be over 6 ft tall, but my mom got high
•i wouldn’t threaten Donald Brashear, but i got high

-Thanks to Strider for this submission

•Theo couldn’t score a goal at the Olympics…..
•Theo would have dropped the gloves….

•Theo would have Stopped complaining, but he got HIGH.
•Theo would have shut up, and just played Hockey, but he got HIGH.
•Hes doin the chicken dance, and I know why, Because he got HIGH, because he got HIGH, because he got HIGH.

This is thanks to Phil “Ta Man”