Thore Tabernacle


My Brothers and Sisters, Welcome to the flock.

Journey with your exalted Reverend down a path towards our Holy Grail, Lord Stanley’s Chalise.

As your initiation is about to begin learn about the origins of our Tabernacle.

Our guardian patron, Saint Thore Robert Nystrom, is the one whom our pulpit is built. The paperwork in to our higher church for the canonization of St. Thore is now complete. Click the Angel Link above to see the documentation.

Our congregation meets at the NVM Cathedral located on Hempstead Tnpke. in Uniondale, NY. Our flock meets locally between 41 and 57 times a year. Our annual calendar starts in October and runs through the middle of April, however, it could last as long as June. We do however meet in September approximately 5 times to ‘practice’

We do ask that you donate a small fee before coming to the service.