A rag$ History Lesson

A rag$ History Lesson of Sorts

The first thing we need to do is understand that if you don’t win the Cup, then you failed, like every other team that didn’t win it.

Let’s look at this historically, shall we?

To do so, and compare both teams, we have to go back to 1972 when they were both in the league for the first time.

Since then the Isles have won 4 Cups and the Rags one.

If one wishes to go further back we could go to the days that the Rangers were “born”, 1926.

From 1926 to 1940 the Rangers won 3 Cups, that is a successful run, sort of.

In 1942 the NHL went to a 6 team league (the Original Six Era), for 25 years.

In that time 4 of the six teams made the playoffs, yet even then the Rags couldn’t win a Cup with 2/3 of the teams making the playoffs.

From 1967 to 2011 (the expansion Era) they won one, despite annually having the highest payroll.

Therefore, the Rangers have traditionally been the FAILINGEST team in the NHL since the league’s inception, but I guess revisionist history is always best when you can’t stand to see your reflection in the mirror.

Even if they happen to win in the next few weeks their tradition of futility proceeds their efforts. With nearly a billion dollars in salary over the past dozen or so years, it is inevitable that they would have to move beyond their standard boundaries.

You have to wonder how all that fire power (Nash, St Louis, Richards, McD) musters a single goal in a conference final clinching game versus a 3rd string goalie.