To Whom it may Concern,

Everything that appears on this website is a parody.  

According to my Webster’s Dictionary:

par-o-dy n., pl. -ies   a composition, song, or poem which mimics another in a ridiculous way.

It is done in fun and it is meant to be funny.

All the stuff that you find here is the opinion of the management of NYRS2002 and its affiliates.  It is not claiming anything as truth, other than the New York Rangers hockey team sucks.

Further, the people and celebrities, the things and ideas, that are parodied here are so far separated from us it is unreal.  For example, I am lucky to take home $40,000 a year after taxes.  There is no way that you can compare it with a corporation (The NHL) whose average player salary lies in the $1.5m range.

Everything found on this site was either created solely for the use her on NYRS, emailed or found freely on the web.

In fact, I will give any one who has any concerns, a page of on the site as a chance to make any rebuttals.  The only thing you have to do is make the pages and email them to me.  I vow That I will place them on the site IN TACT.  I challenge you. 

If you have issues with anything found here, EMAIL.