Our first columnist is one of the smartest guys in hockey.  He has been around it all of his life and to listen of some of his stories growing up in Massachusetts, you would be amazed.  This guy knows his stuff and knows it well.  Sitting at a hockey game it’s like having an Official Hockey Guide sitting next to you.  Check out our Star Columnist:  Lessons from a Chap in Europe 

This columnist’s nickname is THE CAPTAIN, as opposed to our childhood neighborhood hockey team’s nickname, REDLIGHT.  The Captain has been with since the beginning way back in the days when we were known as, hence his column’s name, “The Crack Den.”  His unique personality and sense of humor tied together with his business and hockey sense bring you a fresh way of looking at today’s NY Islander and NY Ranger rivalry.  Check out The Captains Column:

These next few Text Hyperlinks are some of the local columns that we have created dealing mainly with the Islanders.  Forever1940 is a wiz with statistics, find some little known facts about the team during the entire season.  The Esoteric is valiantly published after every game.  Here you will find up to the minute stats on each player in regards to goals, assists, points, games played and other info.  Follow the Esoteric with the game log and get a great wrap up of how the game went or the general state of affairs of the Islanders:

Where’s 1940 Quick Notes

These links have to do directly with the rivalry.  Reverse Stats gives you an up to the minute look at where each team stands in making this years playoffs a.k.a. THE MAGIC NUMBER. Yes, you can see that the Islanders have 85 points and the Rangers have 84 points but the Islanders have 4 games in hand.  See how these stats work out on paper.  Head-to-Head breaks down the to teams by the numbers, comparing and contrasting each team and proving once and for all that the Islanders is an overall better quality product:

Reverse Stats                                         Head-to-Head


Long story short a buddy of mine wanted to be a minister when he happened upon this online ordaining web service.  I believe it is similar to the one that ordained Joey from the TV show Friends.  Just trying to come up with some new web ideas, I chucked away a couple of bucks and had Bobby Nystrom canonized a saint and named a congregation after him. Check out the Thore Tabernacle.

We here at tend to be of the conservative persuasion and there isn’t much more than we don’t like than a rangers fan and that is one of them there Liberals.  I was reading in the paper about some comments Richter made and was very incensed by them.  He is a fellow American and was even more upset when he represented Team USA in goal at the Olympics.  Call me old fashion but we don’t like the likes of Streisand, Harrelson, Fonda, and Penn.