Rangers Suck


“Hey, NY Islander fans!! Come get some of this!!!



One of my main reasons for making this site is to
show the disgrace of the NY Rangers organization and their Anti-Sportsmanship
ways.  Their logic defies reason as all they do is throw good money away on
has been star players.  How many years will it take for them to realize
that signing every top ranked player does not a team make.  We here at
NYRS.com have talked to some insiders about the goings on in the Rag
organization and when you have the likes of Messier, Gretzky, and Lindros tell a
coach they are taking the day off from practice does not build for strong
cohesive team.

You have to laugh at this team, the highest
salary in the league for years on end with no playoff appearances for years on
end.  I fear that they may make the playoffs this year only in the spirit
that a blind squirrel will find an acorn every once in a while.

The reasons why the Rangers are
chicken shit.

Some time ago We went to www.newyorkrangers.com,
click on the FAN ZONE link on the left, and then connected to the Bulletin

We know some of the “CrackHeads”
have executed a major frontal assault on their new site.  We however in our
role as “HEAD CrackHEAD” never went over there and spammed or flamed
any one.

We then decided in the true spirit of
sportsmanship and rivalry to present myself to their board.  We had posted
the 7 or so posts that were published before our posting privileges were revoked.

You will see that we presented our self
in a professional and civil manner, yet was attacked right off the bat.  We
additionally presented ourself so that it did not appear as if We were hiding
out.  The initial 3 responses were negative.  But, nitebreed@yahoo.com
started towards what had the potential to be a decent inter-rivalry discussion.

Shame on NYR.com.  Like we posted in the site.  When faced with a viable challenge, the rag$ pukes
wont “drop their gloves”.

The postings:

The message that starts off Mr. Zlata,
which wasn’t allowed to be posted read as follows:

Mr Zlata,

This is exactly the reason why my site has been a success.
When presented a challenge. A legitimate challenge. The rangers fans have to always result to name calling.
If I am correct this BB is for every one, so the name calling should stop….
I will ignore posts like zlata from now on.
NITEBREED: Yes I agree. As an Isles fan, it was awesome, the way that, played out.
I tried to explain something on my website, www.crackheadtheo.com (unsolicited plug). That is a guy like Berard, as a human, and a person, I wish him the best and hope he is well. But as a soldier and warrior on the ice, for the opposing team, and in the role as D-man for the rangers, I want him to get taken out. It’s a strange concept but I think its the same reason why we watch car races and
To further illistrate this point, you may not have liked Bill Clinton the man, but as the position of President, you had to respect the office he held. Not what he did with it, but the OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT.

Does that make sense?


are about to reply to the topic: I am the Creator of

T O P I C     R E V I E W
crackheadtheo I
just wanted every one to know that I am available through
crackheadtheo@yahoo.comorcrackhead@crackheadtheo.comI saw what some of my followers did. As funny as it is.
I am here to have serious converstaions about the rangers
and my nemesis, theo.I will also say that the site was created to be fun.
And it was also created to re-spark the Islanders- rangers
rivalry that we have sorely been missing for the last half
a decade.If you make valid points you can even make my
counterpoints page….and lets keep the profanity to a minimum, it really
distracts from the conversation when all the meat to the
topic is…xxxhole…rangers#1…suck my….

Lets get it on…and will the webmasters see fit to
“oops” me or will i keep my posting privleges?

out of here, dippy.
BlazinFleury14 GET
OUT OF HERE! no one wants you here so leave.
lost sonny, your mamma’s lookin for ya!
come on guys.
This whole Theo thing is idiotic but he makes some
valid points on the Ranger/Islander rivalry.
BlazinFleury14 i’m
fine with the whole ranger islander rivalry but stop sayin
chit about theo. he’s not a f*ckin crack head.
crackheadtheo I
will promise this.
I will only post in this topic.And no flame wars or spamming.You can only go so far saying the rangers suck, the
islanders havent won anything in 7 years, yadda, yadda,
yaddaNYR created this bulletin Board and its something that
is very impressive.So I challenge you to drop your gloves, unlike Mr.
Fleury, who had held onto his stick for 28 seconds during
the “big” melee during the last Isles-rangers
match up.Lets talk about games in hand, the points spread, the
minimum magic number to get in the playoffs…which i am
predicting to be 88. So the Isles with 67 need 21 or 11
wins and the rangs need 27 points or 14 wins with 25 and
23 games respective, i believe.
reggie Hey
look people – I feel your pain – but – Theo has just been
embarrassing to the sport of hockey. He kicked butt on
Long Island – getting the game winner – should have shut
his trap and just walked off – but NO!!!!!!!!!!
I am tired of his problems…..if they are THAT Serious
– then he should sit. He is a walking time bomb….Its
totally time for this guy (Theo) to get on the stick and
do his job – keep out of trouble….and let his goal
scoring and uptempo play do the talking and stop with the
Zlata I
can’t even believe you’d be as dumba** to even want to own
up to creating such a sorrya** excuse for a website! You
are really pathetic! Somebody ought to crack your head!
_Nitebreed_ “unlike
Mr. Fleury, who had held onto his stick for 28 seconds
during the “big” melee during the last
Isles-rangers match up.”
Is that the Same Game that the PUNK YASHIN could only
hit a Guy that has his hands behind His Back ?Oh I see ………


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