Refs Award Rag$ the Win

Lets look at the recap of the Rags vs. Montreal game. A game that was a
close one. Could have gone either way – Credit the REFS with awarding the
Rag$ with a win here.

McCarthy lowers boom
Scores for Rangers with 46 seconds left as Habs’ playoff hopes dive; Rangers
2 Canadiens 1
Justice was not served here. Instead a grave injustice was done to the
Canadiens……Let’s review !
Montreal Gazette
Maybe not the most objective point of view – but certainly more objective
than mine!
Tuesday, March 12, 2002
A lucky break and a lucky bounce have given the New York Rangers the edge
over the Canadiens in the battle for the final playoff berth in the Eastern
That’s the way pesky Theoren Fleury summed up the Rangers’ 2-1 victory over
the Canadiens last night.
The lucky break came with the score tied 1-1 with three minutes to play.
Doug Gilmour came from behind the net and beat New York goaltender Mike
Richter. The only problem was that teammate Richard Zednik was battling for
position at the side of the net and tipped it off its moorings.
UNTRUE ! The net was never removed from its moorings. The back of the net
was lifted up – but the net never came off the pegs. John Davidson said it
should have been a goal – HOW UNFAIR !
The decision didn’t go over well with Canadiens coach Michel Therrien, who
wasn’t happy with the officiating.
“We totally disagreed with the decision on the Gilmour goal,” Therrien said.
He also suggested that Fleury, who has had a running battle with officials
this season, was allowed to get away with some flagrant penalties.
Fleury said “It was a tough break for them, but we’ve had some goals
disallowed on us this season, and maybe there’s some justification. We’ll
take the two points and run.” Run run but you can’t hide Crackhead !!!
The two points gave the Rangers 68 for the season and moved them into a tie
with the New Jersey Devils for seventh place in the Eastern Conference
The Canadiens not only fell two points behind the Rangers, but they now have
three fewer wins than the Rangers – and that’s the tiebreaker if the teams
should finish tied in the standings.
hit ref’s skate
The lucky bounce came in the final minute, when Sandy McCarthy scored the
winning goal at 19:14 of the third period.
“We got a break when the puck hit the referee’s skate and then bounced back
to Sandy,” said Fleury.
Not to mention that on the play – Crackhead Theo High Sticked a Montreal
player in the FACE – yet no call !! The resulting play was the McCarthy

And there was another bounce on the way to the net, reported José Théodore,
who played another outstanding game as he stopped 40 of 42 shots.
“I think it hit one of our sticks on the way in,” Théodore said.
The goalie also insisted that the Canadiens were in this game for 60
minutes, but that was only because of his heroics and it was only on the
scoreboard. The Rangers dominated this game from start to finish and
defenceman Karl Dykhuis knew it.
“We made too many mistakes, gave away too many turnovers,” said Dykhuis, who
scored to give the Canadiens a brief 1-1 tie at 15:07 of the third period.
That goal came 63 seconds after Tomas Kloucek had opened the scoring with a
screened shot that eluded Théodore.
Once again, Théodore did what he is paid to do – give the Canadiens a chance
to win. He was perfect through two periods of scoreless hockey as the
Rangers outshot the Canadiens 28-13.
To understand how one-sided this game was, you have to look beyond the
Rangers’ edge in shots. The Rangers also had nine missed shots, while
another 26 shots were blocked by the Canadiens before they reached Théodore.

Théodore came up with two big saves against Fleury in the third period. The
pesky New York forward took advantage of a turnover in the Canadiens’ zone
to get an opportunity three minutes into the period. Fleury took his time as
he skated across the front of the Montreal net, but Théodore was just as
patient, as he waited and made the stop.
Fleury was the puck-carrier on a 2-on-1 break midway through the period.
Defenceman Andrei Markov guarded against the possible pass, leaving Théodore
to deal with Fleury. The shot appeared to be wide of the net, but Théodore
left nothing to chance, plucking the puck out of the air with his glove
“We were in this game,” Théodore insisted.
“They might have had more shots and they might have outplayed us, but we
were in there. They scored on a lucky shot and we had one called back.”
The Canadiens had one of the better scoring chances in the first two
periods. They had successfully killed a minor roughing penalty to Gino
Odjick with a shade more than five minutes remaining in the second and
suddenly found themselves with a breakaway.
Did we say breakaway? Actually, it was a 3-on-0 break, as Odjick stepped out
of the penalty box, with Gilmour and Oleg Petrov close behind. Richter
stopped Odjick’s first shot, as well as his attempt on the rebound, before
he smothered the puck while Gilmour was poking away.
The Canadiens returned home after last night’s game and were supposed to
enjoy a day off today, although there were hints that Therrien might change
his mind.

Crackhead is lucky that things went their way. Giving credit where it is
due – Crackhead had a great faceoff win leading to the Kloucek goal. He
played fantastic ! Give credit ! The Rag$ win because of Crackhead Theo
tonight ! HOWEVER – Please Mr. Crackhead STOP YOUR CRYING about the
Refereeing. You successfully baited the refs tonight…………The Crack
Den will hang this one in your face the next time you cry about not getting
calls and bad breaks. You were lucky to not get nailed by the refs on the
last goal for the crosscheck.


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