Gold Medal Game

Now that Crackhead Theo (CHT) is in the Gold Medal game – lets’ take a look at some reports published in the media and have some fun here. Congrats to Team Canada on the win – whilst a pushover – they did have to get it done on the ice. I watched the game at a sports bar in Manhattan with a Canadian in tow – and there were others in the place who were wearing Canada garb – or had “Air Canada” business card labels on their briefcases — and they *really* wished it was Team Sweden in the game instead of Belarus. Something about this loss to Sweden “tainting” the overall experience and that Canada needed vindication against the team headed up by Mats Sundin and our pal Kenny Jonsson. ESPN ZONE was sold out for the game – up to ONE and ONE HALF hours for a table – so my party went to another location.

If I were in their shoes – I would not care about vindication – just WIN baby ! – but I see the validity of their point of view. I enjoyed the Belarus/Canada game – pointing out all the physical transgressions of one CHT to the Canadian friend I was watching the game with. I asked him ” Why does CHT have a grey tinted visor – is this common” and he said “Yes – among those who use Crack – they need it to deflect the shine of the crack” ( and this was unprovoked)

Fairly easy game for CHT – again – he was a minus one in a game his team won by a score of 7-1.

Here are some media soundbites for us to digest:

Guelph Mercury:

The real test for Canada, of course, comes Sunday. They are 3-1-1 in this tournament but have yet to beat a powerhouse team like the U.S. squad they’ll face in the gold-medal match Sunday. Their victories have come over Germany, Finland and now Belarus.

“It doesn’t matter how we got there. It’s what every kid dreams of,” said winger Theo Fleury . “Obviously the cards were laid out to our advantage today but, eventually, you have to play the best team.”

So true CHT ! So true !! He must have had a “clean” day – off the ice
– see the last media quote for more on this
Ross Brewitt – Guelph Mercury

If you accept the fact Olympic rules are different — no red line, no fighting, no overtime, no touch rule for icing, fast face-offs, and a single referee — you should also be aware that all fouls are the same. When it comes to being dirty, like spearing and crosschecking, there are no international boundaries. Therefore, how can McCreary account for the blown call on Roman Hamrlik’s blatant attempt to injure Theo Fleury ? McCreary was a tad derelict in his duty and Wayne should have centered him out in his verbal opinion.

New Rule: If you’re going to rip ’em Wayne, rip ’em all. Put McCreary in the headlines, he earned it, just like U.S. referee Stacey Livingstone on Thursday. Besides, what were they going to do to Gretzky, a guy about to receive the Olympic Order from the IOC mucky-mucks the very next day? Suspend him?

This is where I part company with the Canadians. Penalize Hamrlik. FOR WHAT? I did not see the spearing play. But the Hamrlik hit ? It was with seconds left in the game. CHT was GUILTY of goaltender interference. He used Hasek like he was a Sealy PosturePedic bed. He looked like the a**hole who forgot what time CHECKOUT time was at the REHAB — er —- I mean Salt Lake Marriott was…… He was lounging all over Hasek – with 30 seconds left in a close game —– and Hasek had a net to tend……..WHERE IS THE PENALTY TO CRACKHEAD THEO? How Canada forgets the sins of CHT ? HOW CONVENIENT !!

I would have had no problem with a 2 min. penalty to Hamrlik in that situation. Problem is – with the missed call on CHT – that play would not have occurred – as Hamrlik would have had a difficult time Cross Checking CRACKHEAD THEO in the PENALTY BOX – where HE BELONGED !!

The referee baiting by Gretzky is shameless. That is the job of the head coach – or the team captain. The GM should just sit up in his little skybox – with his Ranger buddy ( Kevin Lowe – another ex-Ranger — though calling Lowe an ex-Ranger is like saying Eric Clapton was the lead guitarist for Blind Faith—totally true – but not what he was famous for) — and watch the game ! He inspired the Russians to try to OUT CRY him…..

Globe and Mail: Toronto – David Shoalts
The Canadians may have had an easy time once they got rolling, and no one expected them to lose, but they made sure their opponents were paid the proper respect going in. No one wanted to be the next Sweden.

“We had everything to lose and they had everything to gain,” Canadian forward Theo Fleury said. “I thought we handled it as well as anybody in that situation. We gave them respect.

“They beat the Swedes, so obviously there’s a skill level. They made a name for themselves in this tournament

He must have said these nice things after his post-game medication kicked in. Maybe the lady from Dallas was there to help him along ( just kidding!) Nice comments about Belarus from CHT. Have to give Belarus credit for playing well in this tournament. They beat a helluva club in Sweden. Tommy Salo blew the game – no question…..but why was Belarus in a 3-3 tie at that point of the game? My main hope for the Bronze Medal Game is that KVASHA ACTUALLY GETS A FEW SECONDS OF ICE TIME – instead of being just the doorkeeper…..and that YASHIN STAYS HEALTHY !!!!!!! Let me repeat — STAY HEALTHY YASHIN! STAY HEALTHY MIKE PECA !!!

We will see what happens SPECIFICALLY with CHT in tomorrows big game. Will he be an asset ( I think YES -especially in games against north american team) or will his DEMONS kick in?? ( If Canada is losing big—- they will most certainly kick in) TIME WILL TELL — EITHER WAY – GOOD LUCK TO BOTH TEAMS!

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