Fleury talking revenge

Here’s Friday’s Edition

Don’t have anything new for the CRACK DEN – but in case you really need something – lets make it about this – a commentary on the Toronto Sun Article…………….from Thursday’s papers –
Fleury talking revenge

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — Sweet-talking may not save Roman Hamrlik from Theo Fleury.

Team Canada was lucky not to lose Fleury to a back injury after the vicious cross-check inflicted on him by the Czech defenceman in the dying seconds of Monday’s 4-4 tie in the Olympic hockey tournament.

Hamrlik insists he didn’t cross-check Fleury.

“I came to the front of the net and saw Theo there and just tried to push him away,” the New York Islanders defenceman said. “It looked bad because he’s smaller than me. But I know Theo, he’s a nice guy, I would never do anything do hurt him.”

Fleury, who plays for the cross-town Rangers, smiled when told of Hamrlik’s comments.

“Well, he knows that we play him one more time and that’s why he’s trying to smooth it over,” Fleury said yesterday.

Team Canada executive director Wayne Gretzky has already suggested it will be payback time March 25 in New York.


Fleury’s inspired play in the last minutes of Monday’s game is why he’s on the team. He set up the tying goal and created havoc in front of Dominik Hasek.

That led to Hamrlik’s cross-check and even a spear in the ribs from defenceman Martin Skoula of the Colorado Avalanche.

“The thing about it is that I wasn’t even in the crease,” Fleury said. “Dom knocked me down and then I wasn’t allowed to get up.”

But it comes with the territory, a smiling Fleury said .

“You go in front of the net, that’s the price you have to pay to score goals,” he said. “I’ve always been willing to do that and I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Asked about his upper back, where he took the cross-check, Fleury said he was fine.

“You can’t break steel,” he said with a straight face, before starting to laugh


The Crack Den Comments : About Crackhead Theo (CHT)

Well – CHT says ” We play them one more time – that is why he is trying to smooth it over”……Smooth what over? Hamrlik is supposed to be afraid of CHT??? Does this mean that a transgression allegedly committed by Hamrlik – well—-he did nail him pretty good :) — is convertible over to the March 25th game at the Little Shop of Horrors for CHT – the Nassau Coliseum?

GOOD ! I hope that CHT goes after him 20 seconds into the game and gets BOUNCED. CHT has 2 game winning goals at the Coliseum this year —- but this building is where his DEMONS seem to come out at night. We look forward to that game with great eagerness – as we hope it provides TONS of content for the CRACK DEN and the rest of www.cht.com.

Ask this though – Will Czech player Radek Dvorak – a fellow RAG feel that this is a valid thing to do ? Will that cement head PURINTON – if indeed he has not been suspended (*again*) – feel that this is his battle to fight? CHT will try to make it that way. Of course – CHT will not fight. Hamrlik did the last time at MSG ( and should keep his day job) – but CHT will find a referee to wrestle to the ice — or get his ass kicked by either Goldie or a Pespi Girl. I am going to suggest that he will not get support from his teammates on this – unless he PUTS THEM IN HARM’s WAY —– via – yet another STUPID AND FUTILE GESTURE.

I love the quote “Dom kept me in the crease – I could not get up” – CHT HAS FALLEN AND HE CAN’T GET UP!! He lay prone in that crease like the FREELOADING RELATIVE you cannot get rid of – and was not held down in any way, shape or form.

This guy is DELUSIONAL —- Keep tuned to THE CRACK DEN for future episodes. Don’t worry – there are three things you can count on in today’s world



CHT going BONKERS – and THE CRACK DEN will be ever vigiliant in our coverage.

p.s. Congrats to Ladies Team Canada on the Gold Medal. Well Done. I was very proud of the Ladies on Team USA. I just wish it was best 2 out of 3…I think they have a better team than Canada – just not in the Gold Medal Game – evidently. but let’s turn the tables this weekend and bring GOLD home for MENS TEAM USA ! ( even if we have three RAG$ on the team – Just hold your nose and cheer !)

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