Finland versus Canada Postgame

Thursday’s Edition-

From the CRACK DEN – analyzes the play of one Crackhead Theo (CHT) in a big big game vs the Finns. A win here – and on paper – Canada should get a “free pass” to the Finals………and a loss would be so devastating to a whole nation – let alone CHT………….

Well – let’s dig into the game.

Our first CHT sighting is 2:09 into the game. Nice check on # 42 of Finland. He is playing with Shanny and Niewendyk that I can tell. His next two shifts commence around 5:12 and 8:00 The only highlight is an errant clearing pass. 11:01 was his next shift — He had another at 15:01 – made a nice play to Shanny who could not finish. with 18:18 left – gets his last shift and gets nailed by Ruutuu of Finland on a real hard bodycheck. No demon like reaction – though – I think CHT got his uniform number memorized.

Second Period – 7:55 – has a shift. Gets taken down along the boards by Timonen – who has a stick to the back of the neck of CHT for a faceoff. I don’t recall CHT being out there any other time in the second period. Lindros got hurt – hardly played the second half of the game – if at all – and I think it affected THC’s ice time in period two. In my defense – it is very hard to pick up when players come on and off the ice the way NBC telecasts the games – and with the quick faceoffs…………..

Third Period. Pat Quinn sets up THC with Mike Peca and Shanny this period. at 1:45 he took the ice – then hopped right back off – on a quick glance – could have been too many men…………but no call. 4:27 – started a 40 second shift highlighted by THC losing his stick and he had a chance to strip Niinima of the puck to no avail.

11:28 – a thirty second or so shift and 13:24 another 35 second shift – NO IMPACT by THC.

a quick 15 second shift at around 15:40 ended with an icing….and a line change. His last shift was a 15 second shift highlighted by CHT going offsides.

After the game – CHT shook hands like a gentleman – patted Niinima on the handshake line……

CHT has an interesting visor — seems like it has a grayish tint to it……..yes??

Canada 2 Finland 1 FINAL SCORE ===== CHT is not a factor tonight. He was the “hitee” moreso than the “hitter” tonight. But no evil incidents – a very good game – exactly as advertised. Congratulations to Team Canada for a hard fought win.

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