Finland Versus Canada

Well – its Wednesday – and a big game for Crackhead Theo (CHT) tonight. In the last game of the night Finland will play Canada.

What will the day bring ? What will the hours leading up to the game bring to CHT and his Canadian Teammates?

Well – one thing that is likley a DISADVANTAGE – is that they will already know the outcome of the other games before they play their game. I always wondered what it must be like to be on the West Coast – going into a game where your rival had already won/lost their game earlier that evening on the East Coast. For example – if Sweden loses —- does Team Canada gain or benefit from knowing that info? What if the Russians beat the Czechs? I wonder if CHT will be be daydreaming about which current Islander he will be facing that night and how to torment him? <g>….. I think it will be a most interesting game for CHT – better than if they were playing first – where they cannot know the outcome of the other games…..

Will the demons in CHT’s head be prodding him to do more mis-deeds tonight??? Time will tell !

Well, I will say this – if Canada does NOT win tonight in REGULATION TIME – look out for CHT. He is one of the chippier players out there. it could get real nasty.

Have to go now – the game starts after 9 PM sometime……so pull up your chair – grab a brew – and lets see how the game pans out. CHT has played well so far – he seems to enjoy the larger rink…..and chippy play – where you don’t actually have to fight…….

I predict – Canada 3 Finland 2 in a squeaker. CHT has been one of the bright stars for Canada in the tournament. This does not surprise the CRACK DEN…..Look for a good game tonight from CHT.

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