Belarus versus Canada

Here’s Saturday’s Edition

Well – Let’s take this opportunity to OVER ANALYZE the efforts of one Crackhead Theo (CHT) in the Belarus game.

His stats – O goals, 0 Assists = 0 Points – 3 shots on goal and was a MINUS 1. Took 2 minor penalties.
HE WAS A MINUS ONE in a 7-1 victory by his team. INEFFECTIVE.

The Canadian website TSN.CA rated CHT’s game this way

Theo Fleury, B: Dangerous around the net but needlessly lost his temper on a pair of occasions.

I give him a C- for the game.


Now onto other matters. Snipped below from USA TODAY – Gary Bettman tossed down the gauntlet at CHT !!!

>Bettman also warned that if Team Canada members attempt to retaliate against Czech defenseman Roman Hamrlik when the >NHL season resumes next week — as Canadian executive director Wayne Gretzky and coach Pat Quinn suggested will happen ->- the punishment will be severe.
>Hamrlik, who plays for the New York Islanders, cross-checked Canadian winger Theo Fleury (New York Rangers) in the back >with six seconds remaining in Monday’s game.

>”I don’t think our ice is the venue for payback,” Bettman said.


Agreed ! Why should Czech player Radek Dvorak have to be involved in a situation where his Czech Teammate Roman Hamrlik and his RAGGY teammate CHT are duking it out? This is NOT part and parcel to the NHL season. Just take your Silver Medal ( oops…..DID I SAY THAT <G>) — and SHUT UP CHT !!


Well – will wait to see what other kind of silly things and trouble CHT gets into tomorrow. The Belarus – Canada game was unremarkable from a CHT standpoint – and not an entertaining game to watch. The Gold Medal game – Canada vs. the USA – will be a DOOZY. I do look forward to it. Not much else to say here today – except to bid you adieu ! and Take it easy

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