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A faithful reader submitted a suggestion that he would like to see a story about Crackhead Theo (CHT) involved with other celebs in REHAB – and I thought it was the basis of a good idea ( THANKS FOR WRITING TO ME) – and I had a vision of CHT on Hollywood Squares- so let’s merge the ideas: Now on to the show —


Kenny Williams: Ladies and gentlemen, today, one of these stars is sitting The Secret Square, and the contestant who picks it first could win a prize package worth over $2000…and now which star is it? (drumroll with brass note before each star’s name)

From the Pittsburgh Penquins – Kevin Stevens !

From the billboard charts – Whitney Houston !

From the world of baseball – Doc Gooden !

AND his tag team partner – Darryl Strawberry !

From Hollywood – Winona Ryder !

From Hollywood and TV – Robert Downey Jr.

From Tv and Hollywood – CHARLIE SHEEN

From the world of music – COURTNEY LOVE

and in the CENTER SQUARE – from the New York Ranger$ — CRACKHEAD THEO !!

…all in The Hollywood Squares! And now, here’s the master of The Hollywood Squares…….

oldsquare2…….Peter Marshall (click on Peter to hear the game rules)


Peter: We have two guests today – from the town of CRACKerJack, Pennsylvania – welcome the ‘O’ square – Mary Jones !

And from Snowy Mount, Montana welcome Bob Crackus as the ‘X’ square !


Peter: ONTO The Squares ! Bob – you won the coin toss – you go first::::

Bob – I will pick Crackhead Theo please

CHT – Well – Its about freakin’ time someone picked me !

Peter Marshall: CHT !!! How goes it? Nice Olympics for you – can we see your gold medal?

CHT – NO. You are all out to get me. You think I am going to show YOU my Gold Medal? Is your name Gretzky? I didn’t think so – kiss my ass!

Peter – Hey – I never said that !

CHT – Well EXCUSE ME – and can you tell that stupid b**tch Courtney Love to SHUT UP already – she is way too noisy

Love – I will F**k you up Crackhead

CHT – Promises Promises ! – Now what is the question

Peter – Fill in the blank – You have a plumber come over the house and he is fixing the pipes……and on the backside you can see what is commonly referred to as Plumber’s BLANK

CHT – How do I know. All I know is I want some Crack – so there is my Answer. CRACK !!

Bob – I disagree –

Peter – HE’s right ! It is Plumbers Crack. Circle gets the center square.

Mary – I will take Darryl Strawberry

Peter: Darryl ! How goes it

Straw – I don’t know — I have a drug addiction and alcohol addiction problem, I have wife problems, I have tax problems, I have cancer – but other than that – I am doing ok.

CHT – Geez – you think You have problems? Complain, Complain BITCH BITCH BITCH

Peter – Well CHT – Darryl has had a tough year down there in Florida

CHT – Any tougher than I had it when McCreary called me for Boarding against the Lightning? I wasn’t anywhere near the guy. Then that prick refs the game the next night vs. Florida and penalizes me for bumping Luongo. I never touched him. Just like that call against me in the Olympics when I used Hasek like a cheap sleeping bag. So don’t tell me about having problems down in Florida – not like Me !

Doc – Shut Up CHT – Darryl and I are always in jail, in rehab or paying some lawyer down in Florida – you are hardly ever there


Peter – Can we get back to the show now?

CHT- OK – but if these 2 guys piss me off – I will take this hockey stick and……

Kevin Stevens: Shove it up your nose – like that crack we did on the bus in Pittsburgh that game you quit on your team?

CHT – Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh……… I thought that was our “little secret”

Peter – GENTS

Straw: Peter- did you give me the question yet?

Peter : NO – Here it is…..”A popular song goes Jimmy BLANK Corn – and I don’t care” Fill in the blank.


Whitney Houston – He did not ask you

CHT – Screw you bi**h. Listen – how does a world class singer/actress like you wind up with a ghetto kid for a husband?

Courtney – Shut up CHT – or I will come down

CHT – and do what ?

PETER – PEOPLE !!!!!!!

Straw – OK – my answer is this – Jimmy Pops Corn

Mary – I agree –

CHT – YOU IDIOT ! The answer is CRACK – CRACK !!

Peter – Now CHT ! Please restrain yourself – the square goes to X Bob? Your turn

Bob – Can I have Robert Downey Jr.

Robert – YO

Peter – Hello Robert. What next acting opportunity are you throwing down the drain this time

Robert – Well – I was going back to Ally McBeal – but Steven Soderburgh called…..and I am mulling over this part – I don’t know if I am going to get it

CHT – Robert ! My Man ! Come to my Rehab center in New Mexico. If Gretzky can find me there – any major motion picture director can find you there too!

Kevin Stevens- Can the Ranger$ find me there too for a 2 year deal worth 6 million per?

CHT – I’ll put in a good word for ya

Peter – Robert – here is your question

Robert – FINE – just give me a crack at it

Peter – Rice Krispies has three cartoon characters – Snap – BLANK and POP – who is the middle one


Robert – I will vote with my rehab buddy CHT – CRACK !

Bob the contestant – I disagree

Peter – CRACKLE. X gets the square

CHT – but we were right ! Crack!

Peter: not quite CHT……. X gets the square. Now to Mary

Mary the contestant – Winona Ryder for the block

Winona – Hey Peter !

Peter – Hi Winona – how are things?

Winona – Picking up for me Peter, thanks

CHT – You mean “5 finger discount” type of pickup Winnie???

Winona – Whatever do you mean CHT?

CHT – I mean what have you stolen lately? Prada shoes?

Darryl – I stole bases for many years. When I would get a hit, if there was a free base I would steal it.

CHT : Shut up you fool ! I free-base all the time.

Winona – I have a new boyfriend –

Peter – what does he do ?

Winona – His name is Bill- and he is a referee in the National Hockey League – and we are in love

CHT – What a lame ass bitch you are!

Kevin Stevens : Winona – which Bill? There are a couple of them

Winona – Bill McCreary

CHT – WHAT ? That guy has it out for me

From the studio audience – a man blows a whistle

Peter: Who is that

Winona – Its my Bill ! Bill McCreary

McCreary – OK Crackhead – that is 5 mins for intent to injure character- 2 mins.. unsportmanlike conduct and a Game Misconduct !


McCreary – Off to the penalty square Crackhead

Peter: Wait a minute Bill – This is not the NHL

McCreary – I don’t care – he cannot treat my woman like that

CHT – leaves to come down and jumps McCreary ” I won’t fight any players – but I will fight Refs !”

A whole melee involves – but out from the ceiling – its SJ SHARKIE !

SJ Sharkie – “Payback is a bitch CHT” – and his jaws open and his teeth flash toward CHT

CHT: I pissing in my pants. Everyone is out to get me. I’m leaving.

Peter: But the game isn’t even over yet Crackhead…….



Hope you like this installment of the CRACK DEN

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